Elevate to the next level with the newest Geospatial Technologies

Flooding accounts for some 40% of all loss-related natural catastrophes since 1980

Munich Re

Our team of scientists, hydrologists, and geospatial analysts use the best available scientific data and methods to help our clients and society mitigate present and future hydro-meteorological risks under a changing climate

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We employ Traditional Methos and advanced Machine Learning Models to extract the highest level of information and to simulate water risks

We assist flood disaster response efforts at global level

We use traditional methods and advanced Machine Learning models to extract the highest level of information from geospatial datasets and to simulate water risks (floods, droughts) at impact level scales. We offer flood risk analysis for municipalities and privates, also considering the effect of climate change (CO2 emission scenarios)

We use the most innovative Remote Sensing technologies & computer models to develop tailored-made solutions, such as detailed flood maps and 3D models