Sensor-based Gas Leaks Detection in Cities


Prevalent methane emissions are not isolated to distant oil and gas producing countries and on remote wells, they can be found right on our doorstep. Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas responsible for at least 25% of global warming and it is also the main ingredient in natural gas. Numerous studies analysing methane leaks from gas distribution systems in cities across the United States, Canada, and now Europe, show gas pipelines can be a significant source of emissions.

Gathering measured data is essential for getting a clearer picture of emissions as official inventories often underestimate the problem. Actions to reduce a significant proportion of emissions can be taken quickly and cost-effectively.

There are mobile methods for methane detection that can easily identify more leaks than conventional gas detectors (sniffers). One of these consists in specifically designed vehicle-mounted detectors from PERGAM-SUISSE.

We have carried out a successful test case using one of PERGAM’s vehicle-mounted methane sensors to explore its capabilities for innovative applications in methane leak detection in cities. Gas utilities that modernize their leak maintenance practices with these sensors can both protect the climate and improve the safety of the gas network.

We offer a recurrent monitoring service of gas leaks in cities using different type of detectors, both vehicle-mounted or handheld, based on your needs.


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Gas utilities, public entities (cities, municipalities, etc.), concerned individuals.


Depends on the extension of the area to monitor (generally 1 day in the field + 1 day post-processing of the results and map creation).


Recurrent service.