Operating across geospatial fields for a more sustainable future

Science-based Geospatial Services

Using advanced computer models and employing the best available geospatial technologies to develop tailored solutions for a more sustainable future. Example of products are flood risk analysis and detailed flood maps with climate change impacts for municipalities and privates

Drone-based Services

Drone usage is sky-rocketing in many industries thanks to its flexibility and accurate data acquisition. We use high-end modular drones with the newest sensors to respond to every need of key sectors such as construction, agriculture, renewable energy, humanitarian and development aid. Example of services are flood risk mapping and precision viticulture

Applied Research

Research and innovation play a key role in the development of our modern society. We are working on cutting-edge R&D projects in partnership with national and international organizations. Example of projects are FloodSENS (ESA) and SIPFLU (Postdoc)